Chocolate Berry Trifle

There are multiple variations of this dessert, but the one we are presenting today is our favorite because of its simplicity and freshness. Our first layer consists of a flavorful chocolate cake, the second layer is a very smooth pastry cream and we topped that with berries.

Homemade Granola Bites

Granola is an all time favorite to eat during breakfast or as a healthy snack between foods. The combination of dry fruit, nuts and honey or any kind of syrup are a good way to gain energy during the day. But did you know that most of the granola we buy in supermarkets is not as healthy as you though?

Giant Chocolate Molten Cake

Molten or Lava cakes are the perfect dessert to finish an extraordinary dinner party or a special ocassion. The problem is that almost every recipe found in the internet is for individual cakes. We are bringing our recipe perfect for big groups of people.

Baking Tips: Cake Frosting

End of the month again and it only means more baking tips, this time we are presenting 2 different types of frosting that you can use for multiple cakes and cupcakes.

We are explaining step by step how to make these frostings so you will not have any doubts. We recolected the easiest cake frostings so you can make a delicious cake without any trouble!

Coconut Macaroons

This is probably the easiest coconut macaroon recipe you’ve ever seen, you will only need four ingredients, coconut, condensed milk, egg whites and white sugar!